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Complex Oversize.

(HUF 'fuck you' Bucket Hat/ Levi's Corduroy Jacket/ Le Shop Dress & Sweater/ AdidasXRansom Summit Boots)

So the weather has been seriously windy and cold lately which means baggy clothes 4 evr (hence forth till Spring or w/e). Found this vintage Levi's coat couple of weeks ago (in my dad's closet) and it's finally cold enough out for me 2 wear em!  


Cobalt Kitty Blues.

(Zara Kitty Hat&Faux Fur Coat&Cocktail Pumps/Stylenanda Jumpsuit/Michael Kors Tote Bag)

It's getting super cold now~! AKA FUR TIME!~I got this faux fur coat from Zara last winter (on sale). However, I literally wore it once or twice (I don't know why)... so recently I've been hyped about the breezy/cool weather (I can't wait to wear coats&hats 24/7). Plus these bbs hv been locked up in my closet for a year (so sad). Also, this jumpsuit I got from stylenanda (another Korean Brand) is super convenient for days like when you don't want to take 3 hrs in the morning (in front of your closet) deciding on what you want to wear for the day (Zzz omg so boring). 
P.S I'm obsessed with hats~!