1.Me takin a selfie o my nu hair cut lol (choker necklace from StyleNanda)
2.In Zara tryin on clothes but then I realized my outfit dat day looked already bombin so decided to take selfies~haha (Zara Long Coat&Pumps//MCM clutch//LAP flannel dress)
3. The same day I got snapped downtown daegu by sm fsn photographer dood named JUNE SU
4.I got accepted 2 parsons w a lil merit scholarship 
4. Leavin da hospital lookin like a boi (Vans High Tops//Zara Joggers//Stones Vintage Shirt//D&G VIntage Jean Jacket
5. Me & my homie Mimiboi <3 (Chuck Snap Back) 

ps. lately I've been soo busy I started my safety aka back up collage and I am literally there from 9-6 everyday it's SUPER TIRING but it's fun cos I get to learn so much bout media arts (adobe programs etc) + I work on the weekends (I'm literally dead like HOW is it that I can do this idk?) BUT hopefully (now it's spring and the weather is warmin up) I'll try and post sm outfits up on dis blog~~ 


Photo Diary::DUPLEX by milky

sm o my artsy fotoz
been doin a lot of art stuff lately so haven't really had the time to take personal style photos.. plus I've been wearin the same clothes for the past month or so cos I don't want to get paint ALL ovr my gd clothes (tho I've already ruined sm already but w/e) 


Vintage Brown.

(Zara Hat & Boots// Vintage Sweater Dress, Fur Vest & Coat// Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 30)

I know I've been super lazy on keepin up w this blog.. but I've been crazy busy lately! I did find sm time tho.. yesterday, when I went to go visit my grandma (took sm quick snaps). Wearin' almost all vintage pieces~ the sweater dress and the vest I've got em in Van. The coat was a gift from my dad..from 2 days ago (when he went up to Seoul for wrk). My vintage LV bag was a gift from my mum (it was her's from when she was 19 aka her first LV bag aka my first LV bag). 


Monday Musin::LCM

tbh men's fsn is far more interesting than women's fsn week (in my opinion). I feel like not many ppl appreciate or know much about sm of the creative designers behind men's fsn... so, i scooped up sm photos (via tumblr/pinterest) of London Collections: Men AW 2014 (which happened on Jan. 6-8th) to show yall how dope sm of these clothes are. My fav are by far Kaitie Eary, KTZ, YMC, Bobby Abley, and KAY KWOK. Men's fsn wk is still goin on in Milan rn then moving over to Paris on the 15-19th check dat shit out tho srsly~



(Zara Suit, Long Coat&Heels// Wonderplace Shit&Beanie// Chanel Cambon Bowler Bag)

At the end of every year Zara has a huge sale (literally 50% + off everything). And I've been wanting this coat ever since it came out but it was TOO PRICY at the time (didn't think it was worth the money) but it went on sale :') so of course I bought this bb thang and it made me smile for a whole week~~! (sm ppl might not understand that clothes bring joy to sm ppl but it happens, for real)